kent curtis weakley

New York Based Residential Interior Design.

How do you feel when you walk into a new environment? Are you comfortable? Do you feel welcome? Is there enough light? Can you sense how the owner of the space feels? These questions, and more, are on my mind when we meet. What is the emotional content of your space, right now? What would you like it to be? 

Living as an artist, an actor, and a designer since childhood I have been noticing details and engaging in this process for a long time. I re-upholstered my first chair at 13, carefully stripping off and saving the pieces so I could restore everything properly. I painted the spindle frame red high gloss enamel and re-upholstered with a Marimekko-style poppy print. Comfort and pizzazz. It felt and looked great! The process of tearing apart, analyzing, envisioning, building and re-building is integral to design. It's an iterative process of looking, talking, dreaming, looking again, talking some more, and then designing and creating a home that fits you and your lifestyle. A place where you Recognize Yourself at Home.

We chat about your home, your habits, your comforts. Our conversations inform our choices. Our choices create more conversations. Mutual inspiration and creation.

I trained as an artist first, studying the classical masters. I continue to find inspiration and energy in that study. I draw by hand almost daily. I take lots of photos capturing moods and essences. I read and research first and often. I write, listening to the inner voice for guidance and direction, for inspiration and expansion.

We create and manifest a sense of wonder and joy as we develop your space together.

I study. I watch. I look. I listen. I focus. I sense. I dream. I sketch. I render. I capture moments of emotions and transcribe them onto paper, canvas, boards, walls, chairs, and space. I help create sacred space. Your space. Your home. Recognize Yourself at Home.

Call me. Call me KC. Let's meet for coffee and talk about your dream home.

Cell: 575-770-0809